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Kings Gym Benefits
The Benefits of working out at Kings Gym 
One of Cleveland's Finest Health and Fitness Center offers all of the latest fitness equipment and services including, personal training, boxing, cardiovascular equipment, group exercises such as spinning, yoga, power pump and more, while maintaining its core weight lifting tradition.

Benefits of Exercise 

Increase energy 
Increases strength and endurance 
Increases metabolism 
Weight loss 
Increases bone density 
Improves quality of sleep 
Reduces stress 
Builds self-esteem 
Improves posture
Reduces blood pressure
Increases flexibility and coordination
Improves short-term memory 
Reduces the risk of heart disease
Strengthens the heart and improves circulation
Helps regulate blood sugar levels
Lowers cholesterol
Improves overall " Quality of Life"

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Cleveland Area
 Family Owned and Operated 
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Kings Gym 
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