With Dr. James S. Yoder, PT, DPT

We help people make better decisions about how to fully recover from pain and injuries. The current healthcare model is broken in our country. Patients are treated based on what their insurance will cover or pay for, not by what is best for the patient. We have seen hundreds if not thousands of patients waste time and money because they "jump through all the loops" in the traditional healthcare system when suffering a musculoskeletal injury.

If you are tired of seeking out numerous doctors, chiropractors, or therapists that spend less than 15 minutes with you resulting in minimal results we have a solution! Streamline the process and come directly to us at OnSite-PT without having to go to the Doctor first or get a referral. We are Experts in helping people of all ages move better, resolve pain, and recover from injuries quickly in the safest manner possible.

Treatments Offered

Trigger Point Dry Needling
Active Release Therapy
Functional Movement Assessment
Muscle Stimulation Therapy
Deep Tissue Mobilization Massage
Post-Operative Rehabilitation
Athlete Performance Assessment
Corrective Exercise Prescription
Dynamic Sport Taping
Customer Orthotic Fitting

Why We Don't Accept Health Insurance at OnSite-PT

By being out-of-network with major health insurance companies we can help patients get better faster…and often times for less overall cost. Because of changes in the healthcare system over the past several years, providers are being reimbursed significantly less from insurance companies for services like physical therapy or chiropractic care. As a result, large hospital based clinics or corporate therapy companies are doing two things to cut costs so they can keep the same profit margins. They are seeing many more patients in the same amount of time, and they’re also hiring a larger percentage of less trained staff like assistants or techs to see patients for the majority of their visits.

This all results in shorter treatment sessions, with less one-on-one time with a Doctor of Physical Therapy = not very good results! People have misconceptions that because they have health insurance they need to be using it for everything – but if you’re goal is to decrease pain and return to a healthy high-functioning life as soon as you can…not going through your health insurance is often a better option.

Following all the extensive mandated insurance guidelines makes it very challenging for a physical therapist to make decisions based on what is best for the patient. The insurance company dictates when the patient can be see, for how many sessions, and what types of treatments can be done. The treatments provided should be a decision made between you and your Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Insurance companies also demand that therapists perform often pointless standardized tests and extensive documentation that takes valuable time away from focusing on helping patients improve. Our model of patient care is much more personal, and by spending more time engaging with our patients we can develop a strong trusting relationship. We communicate with our patients via email after every session, and even on the weekends to help with questions or concerns.

Doing all these things would never be possible if we accepted health insurance because it requires so much work behind the scenes to make things run smoothly. Inevitably this takes time away from the whole goal of physical therapy – helping patients get better by whatever means necessary. This will be a different physical therapy experience than you’ve ever had before – let’s get moving on the road to feeling better, moving better, and performing better so you can get back to the healthy active lifestyle you deserve.

Dr. James S. Yoder

Owner of OnSite-PT LLC
(330) 231-0987
Fax: (216) 465-4310

How is OnSite-PT Different?

Treatment at your gym or in your home.
60 minutes every session.
Every session with a doctor of physical therapy.
Focus on hands-on treatments.
Follow up emails and constant communication with patient.s
Together we decide what treatments will help you the most.
Come directly to OnSite-PT without a physician referral.
Focus – Attention – Passion
No Hidden Fees